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UK shoppers have always enjoyed a huge selection of quality mail-order catalogues to choose from. Back in the 1970's, stores such as Argos created a whole new way of shopping on the British high-street by building "catalogue stores" - high-street shops without the usual aisle upon aisle of products, but a new concept where shoppers simply browsed in-store catalogues and ordered right away, usually being able to take their purchase away with them. Argos have now also created an extensive website - - where you'll find thousands more bargains.

The trusty mail-order companies, have also joined the Internet shopping revolution, and where once the names of companies such as Kays and Gratton were confined to a thousand-page glossy paper catalogue, you'll now find them amongst the leaders in online UK shopping. The UK catalogue companies, at one time synonymous with not much more than their mail-order catalogues, have generally adapted more quickly and more successfully to the Internet, than their high-street counterparts.

The Shop Direct Group has a leading role in UK Internet commerce, maintaining control of many famous catalogue brands, including Kays Catalogue, Great Universal, Choice, Additions Direct, abound Catalogue, Marshall Ward, Innovations Catalogue, Home Free, Morses Catalogue and Reality. At the websites of these online catalogue stores, you'll generally find not only everything that is in the respective paper catalogue, but also much more. You'll also often find special offers and prices that are not available in the equivalent mail-order catalogue.

There are, of course, many other UK catalogue companies - Grattons Catalogue and JD Williams & Company Limited to name just a couple. Here too, you'll find reasonable prices and a good selection of products to choose from. Many of these UK catalogue websites tend to have a similar look and feel - but prices for similar, if not identical, goods can vary considerably, so shop wisely and take a look around before you buy. However, for good prices, easy-to-navigate website and good customer service then you'll not go wrong if you shop online at Kays Catalogue - probably the leader amongst similar sites.

Many traditional stores have now done a role-reversal, and are catching up to the idea that having a printed catalogue is not such a bad idea. With that in mind, then you'll also find stores such as Debenhams listed below, where you can order the Debenhams Direct Catalogue. Littlewoods, similarly have an excellent online store, where the Littlewoods Catalogue is also available to order.

Argos Catalogue Argos web-site never ceases to inspire. Always new products, always keen prices, and always reliable! There are few online stores we can say better things about than Argos - this is the Argos catalogue on steroids! Digital cameras, camcorders, washers and dryers, earrings, bracelets, watches … Kays Catalogue
Argos Direct Argos Additions Direct (formerly Argos Additions) has all the latest fashions - from essential holiday wear to fabulous footwear, not to mention key casual and branded fashion collections. For inspiration on the home front, take a look at Argos Direct's new collection of affordable furniture and home accessories!
Avon Cosmetics Direct Avon Cosmetics beauty products are enjoyed by millions of women around the globe, providing testimony to the quality and consistency of Avon products. From Avon shampoo to Avon lip gloss, Avon luxury lingerie to unique Avon jewellery, the online Avon Cosmetics catalogue is hard to beat. Your Avon satisfaction gauranteed!
Debenhams Debenhams, the well known UK department store, is no less a presence online too. The very polished Debenhams web-site is a pleasure to click-through (and buy things from too, of course), and you can expect to find a similar range of brand-name products at Debenhams online, as in Debenhams shops. The Debenhams Direct Catalogue is available at Debenhams website.
Great Universal Great Universal is possibly the best known of all UK mail order catalogues; the online catalogue from Great Universal is equally worthwhile, and visitors will find a wealth of great deals and special offers - and often big discounts for first-time shoppers. The Great Universal Essentials online catalogue from GUS is a terrific website, with an impressive selection of products!
UK Department Store Discover a whole new shopping experience and visit John Lewis department stores without even leaving home. You'll find the same John Lewis quality and value - plus all the convenience of having your John Lewis shopping delivered direct to your door. Shopping online at John Lewis UK is so easy!
Kays Catalogue Kays Catalogue is without doubt one of the best online catalogues, morphing the popular Kays mail-order business into an outstanding online success. Kays is a must-click! You'll find not only bargains galore, but you'll be doing it with one of the most well established catalogue names in the UK. Gift ideas, motoring accessories, silverware and everything for special occasions …
Laura Ashley UK You'll find the same great selection at Laura Ashley Online Store, as you will with the high-street Laura Ashley Stores, including classic home furnishings and cabinet furniture, wallpaper, Laura Ashley Paint, curtains and blinds, Laura Ashley bedding, blouses, knitwear, skirts and suits … and so much more!
Littlewoods Extra No virtual high-street would be complete without including Littlewoods, and so here it is. However, Littlewoods doesn't get our attentions for nothing - Littlewoods Extra is an Aladdin's cave of goodies, with all the Littlewoods catalogue products online, and many more besides. Littlewoods prices are not to be messed with either: in short, great products, great prices! This Littlewoods site is also known as LX Direct.
Littlewoods Index Littlewoods Index have over 8,000 ideas for you, your family and home - all at no-nonsense Littlewoods prices. From fantastic furnishings to mobile phones, stunning jewellery to toys and games - Littlewoods deliver in 48 hours, plus there's 3 months interest-free credit on everything!
Marshall Ward Catalogue The list would be a long one, if we told you all that Marshall Ward Online Catalogue offers, suffice to say the Marshall Ward online store is well worth the visit. To give you just a taster, inventory includes: candles, clocks, cosmetics, crystal/glass, executive gifts, festive, figurines/collectables, hobbies/craft/sewing, jewellery boxes, perfume/aftershave, personal care, pet care, picture frames, watches …

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 In Currys online store, you'll find deals on surge protectors, handheld computers, laptops, PC software and accessories, printers and lots more. But Currys has much more besides, including hifi systems, fridges and freezers, and state of the art television technology. Currys - absolutely no worries!

 At B&Q DIY You'll find the same B&Q quality and value - plus the convenience of having your B&Q UK DIY shopping delivered direct to your door. UK DIY shopping at B&Q UK is so easy! B&Q UK DIY website shopping is just so convenient. Browse vast ranges of UK DIY products at your leisure, check if an item is in stock, and order right away. For UK DIY it just has to be B&Q DIY!

 The Burton Menswear store has been a high-street favourite for years, providing a huge range of quality menswear - casual and formal - for all ages. Now you can shop online with Burton too: Burton's online store sells everything from denim wear to shirts, ties, trousers, tops and more - in fact almost everything you'd expect to find in any Burton's high-street store.

 The list would be a long one, if we told you all that Marshall Ward Online Catalogue offers, suffice to say the Marshall Ward online store is well worth the visit. To give you just a taster, inventory includes: candles, clocks, cosmetics, crystal/glass, executive gifts, festive, figurines/collectables, hobbies/craft/sewing, jewellery boxes, perfume/aftershave, personal care, pet care, picture frames, watches …

 The gigantic size of the online Amazon operation doesn't distract from the fact that it's still one of the easiest, and best places to shop online. A massive range, good prices on most items and guaranteed safe shopping. Amazon UK is well worth the trip. Books, kitchenware, electronics … it's all here!  …[ More UK Shopping ]

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